The presidia

The Slow Food Presidia wants to make the Fabriano salami known and valued by creating the conditions to increase its production and diffusion.
The Fabriano salami is one of the noblest products of the Marche butchery and has an ancient tradition and prestige. It is produced by very few craftsmen but the average quality is excellent. A solution to increase production could be to supply the Cee label to all craftsmen allowing them to sell even in wholesale. This Presidia was born thanks to the support of the “COOP” and also posed the problem of the raw material. The best salamis, in fact, have always been produced with pigs of 150-180 kg and today they are very difficult to find. These pigs were born in the Umbria-Marche Apennines and are bred in the Fabriano production area, for over a year, in small breedings of no more than 20 animals. In the last 60 days of finishing, the pigs are subjected to a diet rich of wheat bran, barley, acorns and corn, which give to the meats the best characteristics.
The Slow Food association wants to suade some other small farmers to increase the animals in the stable, to breed them with natural foods, respecting animal wellbeing.